Milano M.O.A

Milano Odunayo Adekunle aka Milano M.O.A is a Yoruba rapper, HipHop, Afro Pop artist and a song writer base in kwara State, at age 20 he has excelled using his local dialect (Yoruba) to pass lyrical jabs to his fans, though upcoming as he may look presently, he’s proud of his local rendition as he uses his life experience to pass his message to his fans. Discovered himself listening to Olamide Baddo, his goal and aspiration is big, and hope to be the king of rap music by being himself, be original and think big as a rap god he hope to be, but bright as many may think, to him its not that easy because great rappers in Nigeria are not also resting on their laurels’ as for Milano M.O.A he knows that hard work pays and he’s ready to fight all odds to be number one rapper in Nigeria.

last week 14th, February 2021, he was evicted from Ignite Music Competition week 3, though painful but he is happy to have been on the ignite platform to show his raw talent to the world, doing freestyle and collaborations with fellow underground artist for sometimes now and no singles or album out in the public, yet has many unreleased songs and still working day and night cooking songs that will blow our mind. he said and i quote “I’ve feature in many rap battle but ignite musical competition stand out as its the biggest platform for up come artist in Africa“.

Ignite is turning its search light on upcoming artist of all genres that needs a solid platform to show the world their talent as we may know this edition is their first and 15 million is up for grab as twenty contestants made it to the competition final stage, six contestants have been evicted so far, who will be the winner? well time will tell as the competition is getting tougher every week, three weeks to go, as for me, can’t wait to see the winner of the first ignite music competition and for Milano M.O.A the die is cast, no going back as his fans are expecting more of him.


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